bens_bellsOn behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff of Ben’s Bells, thank you so much for the work you did to make our downtown studio comfortable for our employees, volunteers and visitors. Having been through two summers with evaporative cooling only, the addition of air conditioning has been a great relief, especially with triple digits on the horizon.

Your generosity in discounting prices to fit within our budget made this job possible. Your kindness went well beyond pricing though. Working with your installation team (Rey and Manny) was truly a pleasure. Their attention to detail, consideration of our needs, and timely completion of the job are a testament to what a great team you have!

Going above and beyond seems to be a hallmark of your company. After completion of the job, Rey and Robert came back to paint the condensation pipe to blend in with our building colors. This was not part of their scope of work, just something they offered to do so none of us would have to climb 20 feet in the air to get the job done.

We will take every opportunity possible to recommend your service to others in the community. Thank you for a job well-done, in a timely manner, and on budget!

All the Best,
Julie Evans
Director of Operations, Ben’s Bells

testimonialThere are three things I want when I call for HVAC help – (1) quality service; (2) honest pricing; (3) speed and reliability. Ultra Air Conditioning delivers on all three and gets my highest recommendation. They quickly solved a problem that had plagued me for a year and confounded two other HVAC companies; the cost was reasonable; and scheduling was immediate and they arrived right on time as promised. It doesn’t get better than that. Read on for more details…

We moved into a new house a year ago. Snowbirds lived in it before us. It was very rarely and gently used. My son’s bedroom has a large window and is at the end of a hallway. From the beginning we had problems with the AC in there. The room just did not get cool or comfortable. I called out the HVAC company that had a service contract with the prior owners to look at it. Their answer – the system was not balanced, and we simply needed to adjust the air flow to the back bedroom. Did that and, placebo effect or not, it seemed to work for a while.

Later, when the room remained hot and bothered, I called the HVAC company provided by our home warranty provider. After a few minutes in the house, they diagnosed the same problem and fix…and it “worked” for a while. Over the past 12 months, have had these two companies out 3 times. I have never had the condition fixed.

I called Ultra. We set an appointment for 8am the next day. At 7:57am, Ultra was at my door. They politely introduced themselves, handed me a business card and came in – after putting footies on to cover their shoes, which was a very nice touch. They walked me through the differential diagnosis and took me through their analysis of the system. Quickly they discovered that the air return in the bedroom was not pulling. They pulled the grate off and discovered that the original installers left the cap in place that prevented the return from pulling air! Neither of the other companies looked at this issue.

If you need HVAC service or a fix, these are the guys to call. Exceptional service all the way around.

Dev Sethi – Tucson, Arizona

testimonialGreat company! Had them put in my new AC system, I recommend them.

Pam Crim – Tucson, Arizona

testimonialUltra Air is one of the most professional, honest and reasonable companies out there. We are currently remodeling and our HVAC finally gave out. We had another company come out and we did not feel comfortable with them. Not to mention their prices. We then called Ultra Air. The owner, Robert personally came over and went over all of our options. We were expecting to be charged an arm an a leg. We were pleasantly surprised to get a great system installed by a great team that did not require a second mortgage. Thank you so much Ultra Air!!! We would highly recommend Ultra Air to everyone!!

Pupak Pauline Lowther – Tucson, Arizona

testimonialGreat service and very professional. Totally recommending Ultra air Conditioning!

Iliana Braun – Tucson, Arizona

testimonialI just had my A/C tuned up by ULTRA Air , yippee! I loved the service and their technician Manny was very professional and super clean. He even wore booties on his shoes when he was inside my house. He took the time to explain to me how to take care of my A/C. When he left everything was back in its’ place. Bravo Manny! And many thanks to everyone at Ultra. Great job! Keep doing what you are are doing!!

Monica Gonzalez Schwarzbeck – Tucson, Arizona

testimonial5 star – I must admit I did not expect the professionalism and expertise that I received from Ultra Air Conditioning. Coming from a Builder background I have worked with numerous AC Companies. Believe me the differences can be substantial between providers. I can assure you if this Air Conditioning Company installs your AC unit in your home you will get excellent customer service and a super quality job from the workers. I must point out Ray and Manny, my installers, as being a couple of the best AC guys I have met. The manager Robert Smith was really straight forward and honest. There is no reason to look further, sign these guys up before they get too busy.

Happy Customer, Dan