Variable speed technology

As technology in the HVAC world continues to improve and develop, you’re probably wondering what the new technology can do for you and how it can improve the comfort of your home. One of the newest advancements of technology in the HVAC world today is variable speed compressors.

Potential to Save Americans $5B Per Year

Breakthrough Berkeley Mist Sealant Technology Who knew leaks could be costing Americans $5 billion every year? And that’s not water leaks — it’s leaks you can’t even see. Typical air duct systems, both residential and commercial, typically lose 25-40 percent of heating and cooling energy, accounting for billions added to utility bills. But what if there was a simple mist that could seal thousands of … Continue reading Potential to Save Americans $5B Per Year

Indoor Air Quality

Many people have asked me about the air quality in their homes. Most of us assume that it is clean since we have filters on our heating and cooling systems. However, the filters on your HVAC system are not designed to improve your indoor air quality. Instead, the air filter is primarily designed to protect parts on your AC and furnace from excess wear and … Continue reading Indoor Air Quality

More on Maintenance

We talked last time about the importance of regular filter changes. Keep in mind that the proper maintenance of your heating and cooling system should consist of more than just monthly filter changes. Keeping your home’s heating and cooling system tuned-up and running properly is one of the best things you can do for your home, both from a comfort perspective as well as a … Continue reading More on Maintenance

A/C Maintenance Tip

Here’s an easy but important maintenance tip for your heating and cooling system. People always ask me what they can do to help their A/C unit perform at its peak during our hot summer months. That’s any easy question to answer. If you have to pick just one task to complete to ensure the indoor comfort and energy efficiency of your home this summer, I suggest … Continue reading A/C Maintenance Tip